Department of Sports and Youth Welfare Seoni District is committed to build a rich culture of sports across the district. Apart from providing sports equipment to various schools and sports clubs seoni sports deparment is constantly trying to identify the talent in sports and hone their sports skill for elite level. Seoni has rich heritage of Hockey, Kabaddi and Volleyball players. Sports department of Seoni is putting all the efforts to connect all the established athletes to contribute to develop sports within the district. A lot of facilities have been provided by the District Sports and Youth Welfare Department,Bhopal to upgrade and enchance the sports facilities across the district.


Department of Sports and Youth Welfare Seoni is a district entity department under District Administration and Sports Ministry of Madhya Pradesh. Department works for sports and related development across the district. Apart from complying with the timely given orders by Sports and Youth Welfare Department, Bhopal Seoni Sports department constantly tries to give and encourage sports activities within the district.